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Glen Cove Mansion strives to deliver the very best service possible to each of our guests, as is evidenced by our 2013 Customer Satisfaction (almost) perfect rating of 96.3 percent.  We pride ourselves in having a consultative relationship with our guests and in actively delivering on our service promise every day.  Even when our ability to do so is impacted by outside concerns, we strive to make the situation right to enable a wonderful experience at our historic mansion, which has been delivering continuous hospitality to guests on the Long Island Gold Coast for 100 years.

Unifocus Meetingscope Survey Ratings October 2014*

Overall very satified - as a meeting planner: 97.1%
Overall Positive Experience: 96.9%
Friendly staff: 99.5%
Price/Value:  96.2%
Recommend to others: 98.2%
Demographic Profile:
Did you have a problem during your stay?  100% NO
Very satisfied with Sales' performance:      100%
Maitre'D/Banquet Manager performance:  100%
Your Conference Planning Manager provided excellent service: 100%

*Respected third-party research company, Unifocus, was retained by Glen Cove Mansion to measure the conference center hotel's customer image by surveying meeting planners and conference guests following their stay, using an online tool. Glen Cove Mansion consistently scored in the highest percentiles for overall conference guests' experience, guest satisfaction, price-value ratios, conferee and meeting planners' intent to return to the property, and whether they would recommend Glen Cove Mansion Hotel and Conference Center to others. When all the scores are collected together, the award-winning property is ending 2014 with accumulated Guest Satisfaction Level of 96 percent! When looking at the meeting facilities, conference services and audiovisual scores specifically, the percentage rose even higher from more than 97 percent up to a perfect score of 100 percent.

Here a few comments...

ANDE Annual Meeting 2014, Oct. 26 - 31, 2014

Overall Comments - We absolutely love working with the staff at Glen Cove. Everyone on staff isfriendly and extremely helpful. Working with you guys for the past three yearshas really been a pleasure- makes planning this huge event for the organizationmuch less stressful. It is a perfect location for us, just outside of NYC. Ourguests really enjoy the retreat-type feeling. Overall wonderful experience, asalways. You guys definitely go above and beyond.

NYIT - Sep. 24 - 28, 2014

Comments on the Sales Department - Terrific - Gail was lovely and organized and helpful - andgreat fun - to work with! Calm, too!

Comments on Conference Planning Service - Danielle wonderful, too - she really helped with a bigproblem on the last day, rising to the occasion to secure, and then send afaculty member's laptop, back to Michigan. A pleasure to work with!

Comments on Banquet/F&B Manager - Food and service was outstanding, both in our private diningarea, as well as outside our meeting room.

Comments on Audio Visual Systems and Staff - Was able to help with a last-minute request on Saturday - abig help!

Comments on Meal Quality - OMG - as a kid might say - highest quality, delicious,beautiful presentation - a home run at every meal!!!

Comments on Meal and Break Services - Very poised and professional staff!

Overall Comments - Adelight, from beginning to end!

Dealertrack Technologies, Sep 14 - 17, 2014

Comments on the Sales Department - I cannot say enough about the sales team at the mansion.They were extremely attentive and cooperative and made our experience reallytop-notch.

Comments on Conference Planning Service - At the last minute we opted to move to a larger conferenceroom - my request was met with not one second of trepidation - and our meetingwent off without a hitch.

Comments on Banquet/F&B Manager - At the last minute we switched the days of a special outdoorevent and the catering department made every accommodation to make sure that wehad a successful event.

Comments on Hotel Services - Extraordinary service

Overall Comments - Overallwe had an extremely positive experience thanks to Gail Calemmo and AlexandriaDolce. Their attentiveness and professionalism was very impressive. I particularlyappreciated how easily they dealt with last minute changes and howaccommodating they were. We will definitely be using the mansion more often forcorporate functions.

Krem....- Sla.... Wedding, Sep. 5 - 7, 2014

Comments on Catering Sales Manager - I must say, Johanna Crawford made everything go so smoothly.My wedding had a lot of moving parts and i couldn't be more happy with her aswell as the entire staff. The venue is so beautiful, the food was amazing andeveryone was so kind. I would highly recommend Glen Cove Mansion to anyonegetting married!

Comments on Maitre'D/Banquet Manager - Melissa was great, responsive and very prompt with everyrequest. Loved having her by my side.

Comments on Hotel Services - everyone raved about the venue. Only thing i did here wasthat the hotel rooms needed to be more updated and that the air conditioningunits were very load. Other than that, very happy with everything.

Comments on Catering Facilities - the food was amazing, staff was amazing. It did get hot inthe ballroom, however when i asked the staff to drop the temp, they did rightaway!!!

Comments on Meal Quality - many of our wedding guests said this was the best food theyhave had at a wedding! Bravo!

Comments on value - verysatisfied with pricing and events.

Overall Comments - ifmy company decides to do a meeting on Long Island i will absolutly recommendGlen Cove Mansion.

Larissa's Baby Shower, Sunday, Sep. 14, 2014 

Hi Johanne,

Thanks to you, Melissa and the rest of the staff for doing such a wonderful job at my daughter Larissa's Baby Shower. It really was a memorable day. Great Communication, great customer service, fabulous staff, inviting surroundings, elicious food and oh what a beautiful day. The Pratt family I'm sure would have been very happy to see their home being used to accommodate guests and hold special events.

All my guests absolutely loved Glen Cove Manor. My husband and I spent a weekend at Glen Cove a few years ago for our Anniversary. We encouraged our guest to do the same.

Thanks again.

Myrna R....

“Outstanding! Above and Beyond Expections!” Reviewed 3 days ago NEW

My name is Carla! I am sharing the whole experience please read you will be blown away!
I booked my stay online Sunday night for Wednesday July 30 checking out Thursday, July 31 2014...I booked it as a gift to my boyfriend Mike for his 40th birthday.
My first contact started went I sent and email on Monday at 11:40pm requesting to add on amenities, of champagne and strawberries (75.00), cheese and fruit plate (20.00). and a potential purchasing a 50.00 certificate to to 1910 Pub, along with an inquiry about receiving massages. I express in the email the reason for my stay and I welcomed any other suggestion they may have to insure Mike, who is a great man would have an OUTSTANDING experience. Within 20 min I received a response back from Matt Todd expressing to me that my request has been honored and they the hotel will provide me the 50 gift certificate for dinner. Also, included in my response about massages was Bill Ferro phone number for the Massage along with the hours’ time for the therapist 8am 8pm , unaware arrival time I was un able to give 24 hours’ notice, as requested, concluding in my response email Matt Todd said I believe you have gone to every length to make this as special as possible, In all honesty I can’t think of anything else that can be offered market look more special than it looks like it will be... After reading that email my standards and expectation were set even higher, Very Very High.. 
Tuesday night late afternoon evening I called Bill Ferro who was very kind and I told him I was looking for two 30 min massage for Wednesday night and a couples massage for Thursday morning starting at 7am he expressed to me the start times and asked to call me back, he had to inquire with his therapist. he called back with the hour I receive a Yes to my request! Another good sign!!! it keeps getting better!!!!
Now for the stay.......
I arrive to the Glen Clove Mansion at 430pm Wednesday upon approaching the Mansion I am greeted by a man named Ricky who was very polite with a nice smile. I continue in side to reception I am greeted by a man Jay who checks me in of which was also very nice, very professional. I let him know that I was having a cake delivered at 7pm from Dorotoni of Levittown, that I would like to have it out in the garden, for it is my boyfriend’s birthday. Jay informs me there are a few conferences going on it may not be possible but he will looking into it and see what he can do, in the meantime he calls the head of the Food Services Department and Candices responds immediately introducing herself, with warm friendly smile and said I will take care of anything you need. This all occurs at 4:30pm July 30, It is an hour later the limo arrives to drop off Mike, I walking in to the reception area to check back in with my request with Jay is not there at the moment however Matt Todd is who I corresponded with thru email, I tell Matt Todd about my earlier inquiry he pages Candice and confirms that we will have the cake brought out to us in the Garden (he welcomes Mike with a warm friendly hello and handshake wishing a Happy Birthday). I tell them both my plan what exactly I would like following the massages we would like to have the cake than head up to dinner. Candice the head of Food Services give to me her pager number so that I may contact her directly and so all my needs would be met. Now It is 530 right on time Mike is heading to is first time ever Massage with Ahatay, than I go after...She is awesome great personality, she has a consultation, lets Mike and I know what can be expected and Deliveres beyond!!!!!! While I am waiting go back to reception and ask a blond girl to give whomever delivers the cake this money I hand it to her and she takes responsibility and does it I called Dorotoni's to confirm.. Now, it is 730 we are heading to Candice. when I see her, I ask her if the pool area would better or the garden. she checks the time and replies the pool is closed now sorry, but the garden is beautiful at this time it will not be busy with guest. Candice met us with the cake and two glasses of champagne and lady from the wait staff joined in and sang happy birthday to Mike... We did not ask for champagne it was done by Candice... and she was right we enjoyed cake for an hour in the garden.. and then little by little just as we were done people started showing up. from her lips to god ears! PERFECT!!! Now we meet Candice with our cake and she repacks it for us and stores it in the kitchen for the next day so we could take it with us.. We now head up to the 1910 Pub were Jacob greets us and say I think this table reserved it for you I will just confirm, of which he does and seats us at table lite with a candle and linen.. Candice send over drinks of our choice, and dinner is great Jabcob and the man he working with him were awesome very attentive! Dinner at the Pub was Fabulous!!!!! We head up to the room not one min goes by that we are in the room and the door rings, it's room service with Champagne Chocolate covered Strawberries and Fruit Plate.. Fresh and Sweet Beautiful!!!!!! 
Now it is the Next morning we are greeted by Bill Ferro owner of Desert Rose Massage and creator of cloud 9 water massage,( next time I will get a water massage) and Judy.. BILL was my therapist and Judy was Mikes. I told them of my herniation of on my neck and lower back and fracture I sustained on my ankle, collar and sternum, I receive more of a sports med massage which was extraordinary and Judy gave Mike a massage the put it out to the point of snoring.. Mission accomplished.. Ahataya set a high standard the night before with an beautiful highly relaxing other dimension massage, and Bill and Judy match her level of service and HI STANDARD. Truly Bill's employees are passionate like he is and are a true mirror of is Passion, Knowledge, and Talent. Thank you Bill and Team!!!!! 
Now, we head down to the dining room where we are greeted at the Dining Room Entrance by Shinniquea (not sure of spelling) with a Great energized smile, she introduces herself ask my room number and say oh Carla we have a cake for you in the back let me know when you’re ready to check out and I will get it for you and wished Mike a Happy birthday!. She escort us over to the table were a member of the wait staff walks over right away and greets us, having Oj and Water poured by the time we sit down after observing the buffet and choosing food. Breakfast was very very good cooked to perfection. Nothing was dry! We completed breakfast and walked back up to the room 342 and the cleaning staff was out. I looked in to watch a lady thoroughly cleaning the glass coffee table both the surface and underneath. This lady cleaned this room Like she was Cleaning her house the passion and muscle was Outstanding and made me feel really good she was paying attention to every detail LOVED it!!!! I think she was clean 341 it was close my room. I had glanced into another room as I was approaching my room and witness a lady an man also doing a fine job that is what made me stop as I walked further and saw another cleaning lady. The care was GREAT! 
Now we head down to check out and we are greeted still wonderfully as if we just arrived. (This is how it should be Always!) I walked over to the dining room and am greeted by the wait staff and tell the lady I m gettting a cake, she say oh yes right away and someone’s closer to kitchen door stops what he is doing gets the cake and hand it to his coworker. Then all say happy birthday to your friend I hope it was great.. With a smile... 
Conclusion!!! My Expectations were Exceeded above and beyond anything I could imagine on every Level imaginable from cleanliness, organization, the first contact thru email to my arrival to the end of my stay... They operated like a Fine Time Piece. Flowing perfectly together like the river meeting the ocean.. Consistency is key and from start to finish there was nothing but Great Consistence behavior and follow through the right hand knew what the left was doing at all times! I would stay here again and I would also have my wedding here, or a convention. I also observed how they handle and set up for meetings and conventions Again GREAT!!!! The staff pays attention to fine detail... I am a detailed person, because I am High End Hair Stylist catering to elite clients.. This is my first time at the Mansion and I have never done work with them! I am based out of NYC
Here is just a side note I will tell you. It is natural for people to mirror your energy if you the guest are up tight and unfriendly you will receive the energy you put out there this is Universal Law. Law of attraction! treat other like you wish to be treat and the universe will responded as such and better. 
Mike had the Most perfect 40th one could ever dream. I could not have pulled this off with out the professionalism, generosity, consistent great energy, kindess of the staff!!! This is an unforgettable experience from start to finish! You Guys All Rocked! and made me beyond happy it is with great pleasure I write the review.

Aloha from my heart to yours;
Carla Gitto

Room Tip: I was in 342 near the fitness area and enjoyed the space very much as we are active people.

Media Group, June 8 - 11, 2014
Overall Comments - We have had 3 Sales Meetings Conferences held here. Always a pleasure. Staff is beyond friendly and very helpful and a pleasure to deal with.

Krebs-Salerno Wedding, May 25 - 26, 2014
Comments on Catering Sales Manager - All of the food choices we picked were excellent!
Comments on Maitre'D/Banquet Manager - Very helpful, and both helped make the wedding a success!
Comments on Catering Facilities - Everything looked great and was room was very clean and organized.
Comments on Meal Quality - The meals were delicious. All guests were happy with their food selection.
Comments on Meal and Break Services - Breakfast and dinner service was excellent.
Overall Comments - All staff was friendly and I would highly recommend the GCL for future events. Johanne Crawford was amazing and so helpful to work with. She answered all of my wedding question immediately and went out of her way to accommodate me with my wedding planning. With Johanne's help I was able to have my dream wedding at the Glen Cove Mansion!

The Child Center of New York, April 13 - 14, 2014
Overall Comments - Overall the day at Glen Cove Mansion was great, we had a wonderful time. The conference room was ideal for our staff, everything was setup perfectly. The staff was very excited and would like to return due to the great time.

Wedding Shower, May 2, 2014
Hi Dina - everything went perfectly! The food was terrific, the service was great and the room looked beautiful! Patti was thrilled and the guests delighted! Thank you so much for all your help. I would not hesitate one second to recommend GCM for ANY event!!!

Wedding Jessica and Dan, May 3, 2014
Hi Johanne,
Wow! We are so so speechless!! Everything was amazing!!!!!  We had the best time and I know our guests did too! From the ceremony to the cake I loved everything!!!!!!!
The mansion is such a beautiful place so happy everything worked out well!  We got the gift card to use for our anniversary- thank you for that!
Thank you for everything! The wedding was a dream come true!

The wedding cake was so so so unbelievable. As was everything else. So many people called and texted us the next day telling us it was best wedding they ever went to.

Centris Group, March 31 - April 1, 2014

Comments on the Sales Department - Was extremely pleased with everyone I dealt with.

Comments on Conference Planning Service - Alexandria was a pleasure to deal with. Extremely professional!!

Overall Comments - Thank you for a very successful meeting. I will definitely consider you for future events.

Operations Meeting,  March 11 -13, 2014
Comments on the Sales Department - Working with Lisa Jordan to plan our meeting was such a pleasure. She was professional, pleasant, responsive and catered to all of our needs. My phones calls and emails were responded to in a timely manner.
Comments on Conference Planning Service - Alexandria Dolce, Freddie and Sylvia were available at a moments notice to fulfill all our requests onsite.
Comments on Banquet/F&B Manager - Alexandria Dolce was extremely helpful pre-event, was very responsive to email and phone requests. Onsite, Alexandria made sure that I knew who my contacts would be if she was not available and made sure that she touched base with me throughout the day to make sure our needs were met.

Comments on Audio Visual Systems and Staff - Freddie was professional, responsive and helpful. He explained how to use the equipment and was always available when we needed help.

Comments on Meal Quality - The food was awesome and the staff were very attentive.

Comments on Meal and Break Services - Service was great and we were please that you were able to accomodate our need for a private dining room.

American Jewish World Service, January 28 - 29, 2014
Comments on the Sales Department - Lisa was WONDERFUL.
Comments on Conference Planning Service - Alexandria was amazing. Some members of our group were a bit difficult, and she was very helpful and patient.
Comments on Meal Quality - Food was delicious.

UNDP, January 12 - 14, 2014
Comments on My Guestroom: Excellent room, very well appointed and everything worked.
Comments on Front Desk:Very satisfied with the friendly and professional service provided at the Front Desk - in fact, the ere very helpful in making sure the extra requests we made were taken care of without any fuss in a seamless manner! Exceptional customer relations protocol.
Comments on The Staff:All staff were extremely friendly, courteous and professional and very receptive to all special requests we made to them. Made us feel very much at home!

Comments on Hotel Facilities:Superb facilities that are well maintained and easily accessible.

Comments on Garden Room Restaurant:Gourmet dining experience. Food was of very high quality and sufficient variety available to cater for all tastes. Deserts were delicious and can do serious damage to one's waistline!

Comments on Pub 1910:One of the highlights of staying at Glen Cove Mansion is spending some time in the Pub 1910. This pub has so much to offer in terms of things to do from so many different types of games available, music, TV and great cocktails. Tom behind the bar was exceptional - he served us non-stop during the quiz night we had there and was so helpful. Thank you!

Comments on Fitness Center:Great place to shed off the calories one puts on in the Garden Room Restaurant and Pub 1910. Unfortunately did not have time during this visit to use all the great facilities available at the Fitness Center.

Comments on Overall Stay:Glen Cove Mansion is definitely one of my personal favorite places for both business and private events. Very few places in New York can provide such good value for money with respect to a very high quality and rewarding hotel experience.


Was there anything we could have done that would have made your stay more enjoyable?:No,everything was perfect. Couldn't ask for more.


Please identify any of our staff members who were especially helpful, so that we can show our appreciation.
Comment:All the staff were fantastic, but I would like to especially acknowledge the great support we received from Danielle Wilkat - without her organizational skills our event would not have been the complete success it was. I would also like to express my gratitude to Alexandria Dolce for recovering an electronic item that I had inadvertently left behind at Glen Cove only discovering few days later that it was missing. Alexandria made sure that I got it back. Lastly but least, Tom at the bar for patiently putting up with our antics!

Operations Team HPT, December 11 -13, 2013
Comments on Conference Planning Service - Danielle Wilkat was amazing. Super helpful and friendly - completely accessible and just a pleasure to work with. Thanks so much for the superior customer service!
 Comments on Banquet/F&B Manager - My gluten free choices were delicous and clearly marked on ALL choices at the buffet. First time I've ever seen that at a hotel. Bravo. Thank you so much!
 Comments on Meal Quality - Excellent Gluten Free options. Thanks so much!!

Comments on Recreation Facilities - Tom at the bar provided extraordinary customer service.

Comments on Billing - Lana Lamplough was a star in providing me with what I needed in an extremely fast turnaround time. Thanks!

Evans-Panetta Wedding, November 30 - December 2, 2013
Comments on Catering Sales Manager - Johanne is one of the kindest most accommodating people we have ever met. I am not exaggerating. My wife and I planned our wedding here at the end of November and it was very last minute. She kept us calm and made it happen! We plan on writing a more detailed letter soon explaining more. But in summary, this was the friendliest and most professional experience I have ever had.
Comments on Maitre'D/Banquet Manager - Melissa was phenomenal. Stopped me from worrying and took care of all the details. Made sure we ate and took care of all the stuff we never would've thought of. Super friendly too.
Comments on Hotel Services - I stayed there two nights the weekend of our wedding. It was lovely.
Comments on Catering Facilities - Perfect.
Comments on Meal Quality - The food was great!
Overall Comments - Everyone we encountered was amazing. I wouldn't have changed a thing. Again, we will be writing a more detailed letter. We are very grateful for Johanne, Melissa and the entire staff at the mansion. Not just us, but all our guests are still raving about everything. Thank you!
Guest staying 11/04  - 07/2013
It was lovely, the staff were quite kind and helpful...great place.
Loved the bartender, very nice guy.  Also, the spinach dip - which apparently is homemade was sooooooo good.

Weinberg- Lieberman Wedding, October 18 - 20, 2013

Comments on Catering Sales Manager - Johanne Crawford was a pleasure to work with from the first time we met her until the last minute of the wedding. I never felt the need for a party planner - there was no detail that she did not help with, promptly and professionally. She was there onsite at the wedding and available. We could really relax knowing she was on top of things. My mother-in-law became ill during the event and was transported via ambulance to the hospital. Johanne and Melissa held up the bride and groom's entrance until I could get back. I felt as if I missed almost nothing, and most guests did not even realize we had an emergency. Your staff can handle it all.

Comments on Maitre'D/Banquet Manager - Though we met Melissa the day of the wedding, she stepped right in - she knew everything that we wanted, had planned and was wonderful to work with. Bria was the bridal attendant and took care of all the little details that made my daughter one happy bride. right from getting her in her dress, to organizing the bridal suite.

Comments on Meal Quality - Guests are still calling us commenting on how fabulous the food was.
Overall Comments - An absolutely perfect weekend!

Medgar Evers College, October 21, 2013

Comments on the Sales Department - Very cooperative,professional and helpful.

Comments on Conference Planning Service - Excellent collaboration!

 Comments on Banquet/F&B Manager - Excellent service!

Overall Comments - Excellent facility, accomodations and staff. Overall positive experience. Thank you.

“Wonderful hotel”

Reviewed October 16, 2013

My family and I stayed here for the weekend for a nearby wedding as well. I don't know what all these negative people are complaining about. The staff was friendly and helpful. The breakfast buffet was great. We thought the Pub was a nice and cozy place to end the day. It had quiet nooks to relax with your drink or game rooms with shuffleboard, darts, pool etc. And for the person that said there is nothing around here, HELLOO you are on Long Islands Gold Coast. Roosevelts Sagamore hill is just around the corner and all these quaint main street shops to explore. Our room was clean and comfortable, enough space for a family of 4. We will definitely be coming back here.

Wedding Review, October 12, 2013
Hi Dina -
I hope you are well! We recently received our professional photos and have posted them on this site:
My parents, Matt and I are really happy with how everything worked out a the Glen Cove Mansion! The bridesmaid luncheon at the pool on Friday was really fun (even with the cloudy weather); it was very intimate and a great way to spend the day before the wedding.

The hotel check-in process was easy and accommodating. The pub was a great place for everyone to meet on Friday night. The dressing room that we used to get ready on Saturday morning was nice, spacious and a great background for photos!

 After the ceremony, the grounds were beautiful for photos, everyone raved about the cocktail hour and all of the service we encountered was great. The reception was a blast. The ballroom looked beautiful, the dance floor was the perfect size, the courses were well-executed and the coordinator and assistant were very helpful.

GCM is a unique venue because it allowed all of our guests to spend the weekend together - spending time at the pub, the indoor and outdoor pools, in the gym and in various sitting areas throughout the hotel. Everyone raved (and continues to rave) about our wedding and we are very happy with how it turned out. You were a great person to work with and really helped us to create a wonderful wedding!
Thanks very much!

Una D.....

Nicolette's Sweet Sixteen, September 27, 2013

Hi Dina,

I just wanted to thank you Melissa and the staff for such a great job!! Everything went so smoothly the service was on point and the food was delicious!! Want to thank Kevin your head chef for preparing such a tasty menu and appreciate him for coming out during cocktail and introducing himself!!  Our guests have been raving about the party!! We are so impressed with the venue and look forward to hopefully to have another event there. 
Margaret and Kevin D. 

CRM Workshop, June 10 -13, 2013
Comments on the Sales Department - Very helpful and enjoyable to deal with.
Comments on Conference Planning Service - Excellent service.
Comments on Banquet/F&B Manager - I didn't deal directly with Banquet/F&B Manager although I know he was prepared to accommodate any special requests. Our Monday evening reception was handled very well.
Comments on Meeting Facilities - Really liked our meeting room (Sycamore)
Comments on Meal Quality - The food was incredible!
Overall Comments - Thank you so much for a wonderful experience!

Ma..... - DiM.... Wedding, June 1 - 2, 2013

Comments on Catering Sales Manager - When we first met with Johanne, she was friendly, knowledgeable about the mansion, and listened to our needs. We were unsure of where we wanted to hold our wedding, but after our first meeting with Johanne, we knew Glen Cove Mansion was our place. She was quick to respond to our many emails with questions, and helped us have the wedding of our dreams. We cannot say enough great things about Johanne- each time we would meet with her, we were greeted with a huge smile- Johanne far exceeded our expectations- we want to thank Johanne and Glen Cove Mansion so much for everything! We continue to receive rave reviews about our wedding from our guests! Megan and Tom

Overall Comments - I was so excited to wake up on June 1 and head to the mansion to get ready for my wedding day- of course, I rushed out without eating breakfast, but Glen Cove Mansion provided a beautiful spread of bagels, muffins, coffee, etc, so I had a bite to eat before the big day! :) When Tom and I arrived at the mansion after the wedding, everything was exactly as we had hoped for! Glen Cove Mansion has the best staff that immediately makes you feel at home. Our guests had the best time, and we are so glad we chose Glen Cove Mansion! I would recommend the mansion to everyone- and hope to attend a wedding there soon!

Hi Dina,

Sorry it took a couple of days to send this to you, but I wanted to thank you so very much for the wonderful job you and your staff did on Saturday.  I have to say that this was by far one of the best events I have ever been to.  You and your team, from Jay & Kristina to Shaneequa (sp?) and the entire wait staff, were phenomenal.  So many people were complimenting how wonderful the service was.  The food was just the icing on the cake.  Incredible.  You truly help to make this wonderful celebration for my sister a great success.  She was so shocked and that was in part due to your ideas of the banner and your great “acting”.  I would recommend the Glen Cove Mansion to anyone who is looking to create a fantastic memory!

Thank you so much again.

Tina & Family

Hi Adam,

Apologies for the delayed response, as just getting back from honeymoon! :)
Wanted to say a BIG thank you to you and the entire GCM team! 
From day one, everything has been great! From the biggest to smallest details, you and your team went above and beyond to make our wedding day very special! 
All of our friends and family had nothing but great things to say about the GCM venue, service and staff.
Both Norman and I truly appreciate all that was done to make our day so wonderful! 
We won't hesitate to recommend GCM or use you again in the future for any other events.
Please extend this note of thanks to your entire team! We truly appreciate all of their work!
All the best,
Roxsanne M...

Kristen M... Bridal Shower - May 5, 2013

Comments on Catering Sales Manager - In addition to the beautiful setting of the Glen Cove Mansion, it was the efforts of Johanna Crawford that made this bridal shower one to remember. Johanna was a joy to work with, she was more than helpful. All of her suggestions were right and made the event so much better. When I initially contracted for the party I over estimated the number of guests that would be attending. I believed I would pay for more people then would be attending so I called Johanna and she was very reassuring. She offered a courtesy adjustment and worked with us and we ended up being we were able to provide my guests with even better selections. We took her suggestion about putting photographs on the fireplace mantel. It was a very nice touch and allowed us to include those who are no longer with us. Her table arrangements were just right and made it so that a small party of forty did not feel overwhelmed by the opulence of the gorgeous chandeliers and panoramic windows. I admit, I sent numerous emails and she always graciously provided assistance and encouragement and as she promised the event went off perfectly.

Thank You Johanna and the Glen Cove Mansion.

OMA Senior Leadership Seminar -  April 19 - 20, 2013

Comments on the Sales Department - Staff were extremely attentive to our need and as we had to defer the earlier conference on the eve of the event and rearranged for this event, Lisa and Danielle went out of their way to help us cancel last minute and ensure that our even took place according to our requirements. 

Comments on Conference Planning Service - Very attentive and thorough. Thank you.

Comments on Banquet/F&B Manager - Again extremely attentive to details and flexible in timing requirements as we had to rearrange our schedule because of the delay in arrival of our leadership due to another unscheduled briefing. Changes were requested and met with a smile.

Comments on Meal and Break Services - If anything I would suggest that there was too much laid out at the break out rooms after healthy and hearty meals. But all very tasty.  

Overall Comments - I would have no reservations in always recommending that any of our conference/seminars be held here as it is conducive to allowing us to relax a little and be free to deliberate and provide constructively towards work processes and issues.

“great time!”

Reviewed April 15, 2013

My boyfriend and I stayed here on April 13,2013 and it was a great time! We wanted a night to ourselves and we are sure glad we picked to stay here. We had booked love is in the air package with a king room. Upon arriving we checked in and were informed that the manager had upgraded us to a suite, being extremely excited we ran to our room and check it out and to no surprise the room was amazing. It had 2 bathrooms, 2 closets, 2 tvs, a couch, love chair, work desk with internet connection, a huge tub, fridge and the most comfortable bed. When we opened the fridge it was filled with a variety of sodas, juices and water. We called the front desk to ask about how much they were she told us it was free. ( Another amazing moment!). We went to the pool and hot tub then went into the sauna/steam room. The only down side was that we had to go in them separately because they were located in the locker rooms. Around 6:30 our champagne and chocolate covered strawberries arrived, and they were delicious! Included in our package was a $50 gift card to Pub 1910, and free breakfast. Both were wonderful. We got to watch the ranger game on a nice size tv while enjoying our dinner, then played darts and shuffle board. The pub had a great setup to it. The breakfast had a lot to choose from and it had a great atmosphere.

Overall we had a fantastic experience, from the minute we checked in, to the minute we left (which we were not happy about). The room was extremely clean, the pool and locker rooms was neat and organized, everyone who worked there were friendly and helpful. We would definitely go back there in the future, hopefully in the summer time so we can explore more of the property.

McK..... R..... International, April 8 - 11, 2013
Comments on Conference Planning Service - Danielle and her team are the best I've ever worked with in 300 + offsites. Danielle and her Team made our job so much easier, making sure everything that could possibly be done to help make a successful offsite was done and at pace. They fixed plenty of our oversights with their rapid response and nothing was too much trouble. Danielle and her team exceeded my expectations every day working as a high performing team, totally focused on producing the best possible meeting for their guests. They are the main reason we insist on using Glen Cove for any NY area workshops.
Comments on Audio Visual Systems and Staff - Freddy and team were super helpful

PAX Program - February 28 - March 3, 2013

Comments on the Sales Department - Gail was an absolute delight! She was warm and friendly and helped me envision the type of meeting we ultimately had. Gail was also very responsive to emails and voice mails.

Comments on Conference Planning Service - Michelle was terrific. Her knowledge of the property and experience were of great value to me. She made so many worth while suggestions. She was always available and always gracious and friendly.

Comments on Audio Visual Systems and Staff - Freddy (I think)was very helpful and eager to assist.

Colletti Sweet Sixteen - February 23, 2013

Comments on Catering Sales Manager - I was extremely satisfied with the courteous and respectful way I was treated. My daughter's Sweet Sixteen was beautiful and I would recommend the Glen Cove Mansion as a venue for any affair. Thank you for a job well done. Fran Colletti

Comments on Maitre'D/Banquet Manager - Melissa was very attentive and made sure to handle as many things as possible for me. She is very professional and made the affair easy to enjoy.

Festo, February 9 - 14, 2013

Comments on the Sales Department - It is always a pleasure to deal with Gail and I wish I could duplicate her and sell her to all other hotels and meeting facilities I deal with! She is diligent, profesional, knowledgable and accommodating. While all aspects of your facility meet our overall expectations, I have to be honest: As a meeting planner I base the final decision on the quality of service which is more important to me than impeccable guest rooms, etc. And in this case Gail has been the driving factor in making my final decision regarding the meeting facility. She is a true asset to your facility.

Comments on Conference Planning Service - Alexandria was diligent and thorough and while it was an absolute pleasure to deal with her from my end, I reiceived nothing but positive feedback from the trainers and meeting hosts. They were very pleased with the service and one gentleman told me he had never received such good service.

Comments on Banquet/F&B Manager - I received only positive feedback regarding the food. Especially those with special dietary needs were very happy to see such a wide selection of vegetarian and gluten free dishes. Everyone agreed that the quality of food and wide selection was superb this time around. Job well done!

Comments on Audio Visual Systems and Staff - I received only positive feedback regarding the service for setup and AV. Kudos to all involved and a big thank you as all was flawless.

Comments on Meal Quality - All were very happy with all meals. Thank you.

Comments on value - As a planner I believe that the outstanding service received makes your facility a competetive one and I am very satisfied with the overall value.

November 25, 2012


We just wanted to take a moment and thank you!  Everything was perfect and we had a wonderful time.  We actually got to eat dinner and dance the night away!!! All the preparation and attention to detail paid off, thank you! 

....  Thank you again and we hope you enjoy your wedding favor with a drink!

 Michele and Anthony

November 11, 2012

Dear Dina,

What can we say but THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for the superb job you and the staff of the Mansion at Glen Cove did for Erin’s and Mike’s Wedding this past Friday, November 9, 2012.  From the time we signed thecontract and throughout the planning you have been there and a great asset. This especially true of the week of the Wedding when things were looking rather dismal weather wise. The manner in which your staff conducted themselves and the attention to to detail was incredible. We could NOT have asked for a more PERFECT Wedding.  We have received numerous phone calls from our guests raving about the whole affair. We will never forget the wonderful time we had and it was largely due to your efforts and those of your staff.  The Mansion will ALWAYS be a very SPECIAL place for us!


Kathy & John

Hi Joanne,

I just want to tell you that Glen Cove Mansion was a perfect place for our cousins'reunion on Columbus Day weekend. All 3 generations had a wonderful time. Wewalked, played ping pong,tennis, and soccer and in between ate at the pub and swam in the pool. There was lots of time and space to laugh and reminisce and,of course , take lots  of photos. I missed stopping in to say hello to you butwanted to tell you that everyone was terrific to us. Glen Cove Mansion has a staff that is always smiling and friendly and helpful. Hope to see you again soon.


Hi Dina,

I really have to compliment you and your staff for a wonderful dinner last night!  The entire evening, from the start of the cocktail hour to the Last Dance,  was run professionally.  The bartenders, servers and Melissa were polite, outgoing and efficient.  Special Thanks to the bartenders who keep the Pub open until 2:00am. 

Everyone was raving about the Dinner at breakfast this morning.  The room were clean and comfortable.  I was a little concerned about the rooms after reading many of the comments on Trip Advisor and other websites.  I know you cannot believe much of the stuff written, but was impressed with your staff taking the time to answer these reviews.

Your time-line was also On the Money. 

Thanks again,

Tom M...

HSA Document Capture 2012 Conference, September 4 - 7, 2012

Comments on the Sales Department - Lisa is my hero!! She is consistently wonderful and amazing - on point and provides everything we need.

Comments on Conference Planning Service - Michelle and her team worked hard to be attentive and accommodating. Nicely done!!

Comments on Banquet/F&B Manager - Joe, Shaniqua and team all perfect and helpful. Guests love them and they are amazing at what they do!

Comments on Audio Visual Systems and Staff - Freddy and team were amazing. Freddy this year really stood out as the guy that would go the extra mile to make sure everything was ok. He was on top of everything and went out of his way to help and have everything working. Even if that meant moving chairs, whatever. He was right there. I never have to worry about av when he is around!!

Comments on Recreation Facilities - Have heard no negative feedback from attendees, so suspect is great. I don't have much time for recreation when I am there, but looks nice!

Overall Comments - Truly the finest staff i have EVER worked with in over 20 years. EVERYONE is amazing, with no exceptions. EVERYONE.

Sent: Wednesday, August 08, 2012 1:12 PM
To: Johanne Crawford
Subject: Outstanding Service


It was a pleasure to meet you last week there at The Mansion.

We felt that you and the staff far exceeded our expectations in general and for the Friday night Rehearsal Dinner in particular.

Please convey our appreciation to your management and to those involved.  The young woman in charge of Friday's event, Melissa as I recall, was most attentive and had excellent suggestions.

I will not hesitate to recommend The Glen Cove Mansion in the future.

Warm regards,

Russ & Barbara

CwC Outing, July 26, 2012

Thanks, everyone had an absolute blast! It was a definite success. Thank you so much for all your help with the last minute planning and being so accommodating. The staff was great, please pass along our thanks to Melissa as well. I’m sure we will keep you in mind for all our future events!



June 22, 2012


I wanted to thank you and your staff for making our meeting a huge success.

I understand the participants loved the ambiance of the Glen Cove Mansion and were quite impressed.  Without a doubt, we have raised the bar for future meetings.

Thank you for your patience throughout the entire process and for making me look good! 

Hope to see you soon.

Best regards,


L ..... Ma ...Corporation

June 6, 2012

To the Management of Glen Cove Mansion,

One of the most important events in your life is your wedding. You agonize over the details and the plans to make your 'vision' become reality. When planning your event, it is so important to work with vendors who appreciate how important this event is to you.

From the very beginning Adam was fantastic. He was patient, kind and most importantly accommodating. He thought of the things that I did not. He made sure all my bases were covered and that our wedding was exactly how we wanted it to be. My in-laws worked with him to plan the rehearsal dinner, they couldn't stop saying how excellent he was throughout the process. I believe Adam is an invaluable asset to Glen Cove and you are lucky to have him.

I was lucky to work with Melissa who was our MaTtre D' who executed our event and Melanie who was my bridal attendant that day. I fondly remember them as my 'M's. I can not say enough how incredible they were. From the very beginning, they took care of my every need, even before I knew I needed it. They made sure I ate, made sure I had a glass of water, and made sure my flats were underneath the table at the reception for when I was ready to switch out of my heels. They literally took care of everything for me that day. Melanie did a beautiful job of decorating our bridal suite that night, we were blown away. They were awesome; I wish I could have them with me every day. Glen Cove is lucky to have them as well.

We are so glad we chose Glen Cove Mansion. It is not just a beautiful site, but filled with people who care about what they do and are willing to go that extra mile to make your event unforgettable. Thank you to Adam, Melissa and Melanie. You were amazing and we will be forever grateful to you.


Jessica S......

We had the privilege of staying at your hotel for three nights 6-3,6-4 and 6-5th.  Your employee Shirley was the most charming and cordial part of our visit.  She made sure we were comfortable and welcome. Most places aren't as fortunate to have such professional and competent yet cheerful employees.  In this replaceable throw away society you are lucky to possess such a hard worker.  Kudos! 

Mitch and Mary R...., Visalia, CA:)

WLD Annual Meeting 2012, April 14 - 20, 2012

Comments on the Sales Department - Gail Calemmo is a true professional and a pleasure to work with. She is always pleasant, thorough and organized and made organizing this meeting/event so easy for me.

Comments on Conference Planning Service - Domenique was a pleasure to work with. She was responsive and made sure everything was taken care of.

Comments on Hotel Services - One of our senior executives left his iPod in his hotel room the day he checked out. The lady who cleaned his room found it and RETURNED IT TO THE FRONT DESK. The front desk looked up who was in that room and contacted Mr. Diamond. They also notified me as I was the main contact for the event. Jay got his iPod back and was extremely happy as he didn't even realize he had lost it. I have been to hotels where things disappear from your hotel room - if you know what I mean - BUT this is just one more indication that the entire staff at Glen Cove Mansion are exceptional, HONEST and appear to love working there.

Comments on Audio Visual Systems and Staff - The gentleman in charge of setting it up was very helpful and attentive. Sorry I forget his name (Freddy).

Comments on Meeting Facilities - The room was immaculate and the set up was EXACTLY as I had requested.

Comments on Meal Quality - We had a welcome reception wiht hors doeuvres and drinks and it was delicious. All of our meals were exceptional. I had one request - for tuna salad one lunch - and no sooner had I requested it - and I received an email confirming it would be ready for lunch that afternoon. (It's my favourite!)

Comments on Meal and Break Services - What can I say??? EVERYTHING was wonderful.

Comments on Recreation Facilities - The indoor pool is gorgeous.

Comments on Billing - Gail Calemmo is fabulous. She sat with me and discussed everything in detail.

Overall Comments - This was our 4th year hosting this event at Glen Cove Mansion. Every year it gets better and better.... I have recommended your hotel to numerous other executives and they in turn have hosted meetings there. Everyone LOVES the snacks and meals.

April 18th, 2012

Dear Alina,

I wanted to take a moment to thank you and all of the staff at the Glen Cove Mansion, for helping make our C3 Church Women's Retreat from February 2nd to the 4th such a success.

From the beginning to the end. Glen Cove Mansion is such a pleasure to work with. This being our fourth year with you, it was yet another success. A chance for the women of our church to get away for a few nights and leave their lives at home, to be pampered and treated with such honor, has happened once again. This could not have happened without the amazing staff of the Glen Cove Mansion.

From the moment we arrived, to the moment we left, every woman was so excited to be there and so happy with every aspect of the retreat. We're still receiving glowing reports of how grateful they were for the amazing staff of the Glen Cove Mansion and the facilities and accommodations. From the front desk, to the wait staff, to the bartenders, to the evening managers, EVERYONE was so helpful.

We were very pleased, yet again, with our facilities and accommodations. The Forum Room was just perfect for us another year (but I fear next year we will not fit!). The week before the retreat, and even earlier, Keith had confirmed everything with us, helping with special requests, going above and beyond to make our meetings seamless.

Again, we are so thankful for another wonderful retreat with the Glen Cove Mansion! We are looking forward to our next retreat! Thank you all again! We can't say thank you enough!

Amber F.

C3 Church
Bize.../Slatt...Wedding, April 13, 2012


Heather and I would like to thank you and the entire Glen Cove Mansion staff for providing the venue for an absolutely amazing day.  We have heard nothing but rave reviews from everyone in attendance.  Melissa did and absolutely terrific job of ensuring everything that happened that day was memorable and perfect.  The food was amazing, the service, and the venue were all 5 stars out of 5.  It is obvious that everyone there takes great pride in everything you do.

Thank you again for providing the perfect venue for us to hold our wedding.  We will be telling anyone who will listen what an amazing experience we had at the mansion.  We can’t wait for the photos. 

Thank you again.

Sid Jacobson Jewish Community Center

April 4, 2012
Dear The Glen Cove Mansion:

On behalf of the Auction Committee, we want to thank you for making our 17th Annual Evening of Excellence, which was held on Thursday, March 29, 2012 such a great success. We greatly appreciate your support and donation of vendor services.

The money raised from this evening will enable the JCC to continue its long-standing tradition of providing an array of educational, recreational and social programs to our community. Whether it's a single parent support group, bereavement counseling, exercise for individuals with multiple sclerosis or helping the developmentally delayed, your generosity help maintain and enhance these programs.

Sid Jacobson JCC will award families over $600,000 in scholarship support this year-no one is denied membership or participation based on financial ability. All the monies raised allow us to continue our long-standing tradition of providing educational, recreational and social programs to our ever-growing community.

Thank you for your help, participation and dedication to the JCC and its mission!


Auction Committee Co-chairs

Nancy N. / Ver... Wedding, February 10 - 12, 2012

Comments on Catering Sales Manager - Absolutely wonderful experience. Every single request was fulfilled immediately.

Comments on Maitre'D/Banquet Manager - Again, the service was incredible. I don't have a single complaint.

Comments on Hotel Services - Everyone was very satisfied with their stay.

Comments on Meal and Break Services - Everyone is still talking about how great the service was. We were extremely pleased.

Overall Comments - I would definitely consider for future events.

Executive Group Retreat, January 18 - 20, 2012

Comments on the Sales Department - Lisa Jordan is awesome! She has always worked so well with us. Comments on

Conference Planning Service - Keith was excellent - he was on top of everything at all times. Michelle Laredo helped out too and she is so efficient!

Comments on Banquet/F&B Manager - The dining room and food staff and managers were very courteous and helpful. Chef must be commended on his excellent selections and the taste of his food. The Nile Perch was a big hit with our group.

Comments on Hotel Services - Cheerful, smiling and helpful staff - a wonderful experience.

Comments on Audio Visual Systems and Staff - FREDDIE!!!!!!!! He's awesome. And so was everyone else helping him.

Comments on Meeting Facilities - The meeting went perfectly as planned because everything was in place.

Comments on Meal Quality - All excellent. My only suggestion: for tea drinkers who do not like the taste of coffee, it's hard to drink hot water from containers that may have been used before for coffee - there is a coffee taste that ruins the taste of the tea. Hot water containers for tea should be solely for tea.

Comments on Meal and Break Services - Again excellent!

Comments on value - Your venue is about the only one around who consistently work with us to meet our needs for the best price possible.

Overall Comments - Your venue is the first i recommend to others.

GKN Land Systems, December 8 - 15, 2011

Comments on the Sales Department - From Start to Finish and post meeting the Team at Glen Cove was fantastic and made my life so much easier in the panning of thi event.

Comments on Conference Planning Service - I have plenty of examples of great service from Michelle and Kathleen.

Comments on Hotel Services - My Group is a Well traveled Group Globally and they were impressed and pleased with the accomodations and meeting services.

Comments on Audio Visual Systems and Staff - we had some short notice special needs and they were met with as no problem and they were a big help. Extra Power Connects for Lap tops and a Speaker phone for an early morning teleconference as example.

Baez/Sanchez Wedding - Oct 16 - 17, 2011

Comments on Meal Quality - It was Delicious!

Overall Comments - We absolutely love GCM! The staff took extra precautions to make our wedding day an amazing experience. The food was phenomenal- from the tasting to the cocktail hour to the reception nothing disappointed. Everything was delicious! Adam, our banquet manager, was excellent to work with. He is professional & attentive to every detail. He is a great manager and it was a real pleasure to work with him. Overall, we are incredibly happy with everything. We would plan another event with the GCM family in a heartbeat!

Class of 61 50th Reunion, October 14 - 15, 2011

Comments on Catering Sales Manager - Johanne Crawford was exceptional. She far exceeded our expectations! We'd love to work with her again in two years and would refer all of our friends to her. She was on-site for both nights and was absolutely terrific.

Comments on Maitre'D/Banquet Manager - Shaniqua was wonderful to work with. She took over where Johanne left off and we couldn't have asked for a better Maitre'D/Banquet Manager. She was the best!!

Overall Comments - We had a wonderful experience at The Glen Cove Mansion. Everyone made us feel so special! You made The Wheatley Class of '61 feel very welcome. All our classmates are asking when we can return for another reunion!

Document Capture 2011 Conference, September 5 - 10, 2011

Comments on the Sales Department - EVERYONE at the mansion does their very best to take care of our group, and they do it well!

Comments on Conference Planning Service - Keith and staff have continually made our event the easiest thing I do every year! In fact, they generally anticipate what I may need before I think of it!

Comments on Audio Visual Systems and Staff - Freddy and staff are the best AV team I have ever worked with (20 years in events)

Comments on Recreation Facilities - They look nice, but I am generally too busy or tired to use them!

Overall Comments - Already booked for next year!

Leadership Capital Group, August 6 - 10, 2011

Comments on the Sales Department - Kathleen was very nice and professional. A pleasure to work with. She is a genuine asset to your hotel.

Comments on Conference Planning Service - Michelle was equally nice and professional, and a pleasure with which to work. Like Kathleen, she is a genuine asset to your hotel.

Comments on Banquet/F&B Manager - The food and snacks were excellent. Our guests were very pleased. A couple of the dinner items (salmon) on the buffet were dry, but otherwise all of the meals were very nice.

Comments on Hotel Services - The hotel staff was consistently professional and helpful. Everyone responded as expected. There was a little confusion about one of the reservations, but it was resolved quickly and properly. The sleeping rooms and our meeting room were very nice. The providing of table cloths on the meeting room tables would have been a nice touch, but not essential.

Comments on Audio Visual Systems and Staff - Everything here was excellent. The equipment worked perfectly, and the supplies were more than adequate. An excellent job all around.

Comments on Meeting Facilities - Again, our guests were very pleased. My only suggestion involves the including of table cloths on the meeting room tables. Otherwise, everything having to do with the meeting room was excellent.

Comments on Meal Quality - The food was excellent, with just a couple of minor exceptions (dry salmon). Our guests were also very pleased by the coffee break items. Everything was of excellent quality and quantity.

Comments on Meal and Break Services - The serving and reception staff in the restaurant were excellent. Everybody was very friendly, responsive and helpful. Our only difficulty involved the size of the table (too small) assigned to our group a couple of times. However, our request for a larger table was arranged quickly and easily.

Comments on Recreation Facilities - We didn't have time to enjoy any of the recreational facilities, but everything appeared to be extremely clean and nice.

Comments on value - Our guests felt all prices were fair and justified. A couple of our guests were a little disappointed that they were handed a Pub Menu in the dining room on Monday evening, instead of a Restaurant Menu, and this is something you might want to consider changing. A slightly larger and better selection of dinner items on Monday evening might have been more appropriate. Regardless, this was a very minor issue and the service staff was very nice. We all left our dinner on Monday evening more than happy.

Comments on Billing - The check-in and check-out was flawless. A couple of our guests wondered why the deposit they thought they provided was not reflected on the bill, but it all worked out just fine. I thought the front desk did an excellent job.

Overall Comments - Our meeting was very successful, thanks in large measure to the effectiveness of the Mansion staff and facility. I've attended and hosted events at your hotel many times over the years, and have always walked away very pleased. You offer a fine and fair value, and deserve the outstanding reputation you have with the Long Island business community. Great job!

Shinobu I., July 2 - 3, 2011

Guestroom Comment: My room was very clean and comfortable.

Front Desk Comment: The ladies at the front desk were very welcoming and helpful. I needed a taxi when I checked out and they had one waiting for me by the time I got to the front desk.

Staff Comment: I received excellent service during my stay. The bell man helped me carry my luggage and the front desk gave me information about the amenities at the hotel and things to do in town. I also asked for extra towels and the housekeeper came right away.

Hotel Facilities Comment: The hotel is very impressive. It feels like a resort with well maintained grounds and 2 pools. I also used the gym which was surprisingly well equipped for a hotel, including individual flat screen TVs for the cardio equipment.

Hotel Services Comment:I had breakfast in the restaurant. The man at the door was very friendly and funny. I liked the selection of food at the buffet.

Pub 1910 Comment: The assortment of cheese and crackers was very good. It hit the spot!

Overall Stay Comment: I very much enjoyed my stay here. I would definitely stay here again.

Comment: The ladies at the front desk were very friendly and helpful as well as the manager.

Locust Valley Senior Prom 2011, June 23, 2011

Comments on Catering Sales Manager - It was a pleasure working with Adam Portnoff. He was extremely attentive and I felt very confident that the night was going to be a tremendous success because of him!!

Comments on Maitre'D/Banquet Manager - Melissa was very friendly, helpful, and attentive to myself and the guests. We were lucky to have her!!

Comments on Hotel Services - Rooms were beautiful and bed was very comfy!!

Long Island Temple Educators (LITE), June 13 - 14, 2011

Comments on the Sales Department - Gail was great - got back to me when I called/emailed, and is always cheerful.

Comments on Conference Planning Service - Michele and Keith were, as usual, helpful and friendly and very welcoming.

Comments on Hotel Services - Jay is a rock star!!

Comments on Audio Visual Systems and Staff - I don't remember the names of the two gentlemen who set up our tech equipement, and also taught me how to use it -- but they were wonderful and patient. They came back to check in and make sure we were ok.

Comments on Meal Quality - As always, the food was YUMMY!!! If you could provide a little self-control so I wouldn't eat too many desserts, that would be helpful. :) Those lemon tarts are FAB!

Comments on Recreation Facilities - This was the first time I wasn't able to use the rec facilities. And the new fitness center looked SO inviting!! Guess I'll just have to come back for a spa weekend.

Overall Comments - We always look forward to coming to our annual conference. 4 or 5 years ago, we were always out east in Montauk, but from my first phone call to inquire about GCM, none of us have ever looked back. Like the swallows of Capistrano, we will always return with great joy.
Legal Team Offsite Meeting, May 22 - 26, 2011

Comments on Conference Planning Service - We the team and I, were extremely happy with Ms. Michele Calabrese, she was forever on point and in her absence, Shaquana (apologies for wrong spelling), was also there for any needs our team required.

Comments on Hotel Services - No other words can express the gratitude of the staff, they were courteous, friendly, pleasant, and no situation was too big or small.

Comments on Audio Visual Systems and Staff - Freddy was exceptional, a very knowledgeable IT professional and having a wonderful disposition in handling all questions and queries!

Comments on Recreation Facilities - I'm disappointed that I didn't get a chance to use the recreational facilities but I'm told by other members who did, that they were great,especially the jogging path.

Overall Comments - Glen Cove Mansion, provided an atmosphere, that was welcoming, it had a family appeal to it that everyone there was a big extended family and we were welcomed with open arms and arms that remained open for the duration of our stay.

The Tikvah Fund, May 8 - 10, 2011

Comments on the Sales Department - Excellent all around. Very responsive, accommodating. Not a single complaint.

Comments on Conference Planning Service - Same as sales staff - throughout the event, I was fully confident I was in good hands.

Comments on Hotel Services - Excellent. Looking forward to coming back in June. Thanks.

Overall Comments - Thank you, Glen Cove Mansion staff!

Leadership Retreat, May 7, 2011

Comments on the Sales Department - I have been planning retreats/conferences for my church for over 18 years. This was our first time at Glen Cove Mansion and what a fabulous time we had, our attendees are still talking about it. Ms. Lisa Jordan along with Mr. Keith Piro made this event my absolute favorite. The staff had smiles on their faces and showed a genuine desire to accommodate our group. We will definitely be returning.

Carter's Christening, May 1, 2011

Comments on Catering Sales Manager - AMAZING!

Comments on Maitre'D/Banquet Manager - Over delivered!

Comments on Catering Facilities - My guest, who are not easy to please all raved about the mansion!

Comments on Meal Quality - Compliments to the chef's!

Overall Comments - Glen Cove Mansion has a life long client!

Aerospace Leadership Conference 2011, April 1 - 10, 2011

Comments on Conference Planning Service - The success of our conference was, in large part, due to Michele Calabrese's diligence and attention to detail. She was helpful with every request we had, including several last minute requests. I cannot express enough how grateful GKN is to Michele for all of her hard work.

Comments on Recreation Facilities - Loved the fitness center!

Overall Comments - The staff at Glen Cove is amazing! They truly made the conference enjoyable.

Officers' Retreat, March 13 - 16, 2011

Overall Comments - Everyone was exceptional... I was very pleased with everything. We would definetly love to work with your hotel in the future.

Lincks/Hanson Wedding, March 18 - 20, 2011

Comments on Catering Sales Manager - Dina Semprini was absolutely unbelievable! She is a gift to all those she works with! We cannot thank her enough for the unbelievable job she did with our wedding last weekend. We are quite grateful!

Comments on Maitre'D/Banquet Manager - Melissa was on her A-Game the entire night! She is FANTASTIC at what she does and treated our wedding as if it were her own! We love her and Dina!

Comments on Catering Facilities - Couldn't possibly be better!

Comments on Meal Quality - Food was incredible! : )

Comments on value - We wish we could do it again - it was incredible in every sense of the word!

Overall Comments - I would recommend the GCM to anyone! Our wedding was the best day of our lives and you guys were flawless! We will be forever grateful!

Jewish Theological Seminary of America, March 6 - 8, 2011

Score 100.0%

Comments on the Sales Department - Gail Calemmo was not only knowledgeable about every aspect of her job, she was thorough, honestly friendly, and made the first contact with GC a most pleasurable one.

Comments on Conference Planning Service - Michele Calabrese was and continues to be a pleasure to work with. There was no change, adjustment in our plans and set-up that she could not accommodate immediately.

Comments on Hotel Services - Every staff member in the hotel exceeded our expectations. They were all friendly, helpful and professional.

Comments on Meeting Facilities - The meeting facilities were perfect for our seminars. The rooms were beautiful and the location set up was ideal.

GBV Unit Conference, February 5 - 13, 2011

Comments on Conference Planning Service - We received a lot of positive feedback on the logistics of this event and although we would like to be able to take the credit, it is largely due to Michelle Calabrese and her staff. She was INCREDIBLE to work with and I would highly recommend holding an event at Glen Cove Mansion again.

Comments on Meal Quality - And great vegetarian options!

Comments on Meal and Break Services - Thumbs up on the food all around!

From: Kacey K.

Sent: Monday, February 14, 2011 10:57 AM

T  Adam Portnoff

Subject: A sincere thanks

Adam, Melissa and the entire Glen Cove Mansion staff,

After making three unsuccessful attempts at writing this in traditional thank you cards and thrice running out of room on the card, I have decided to send our thanks via email with an abbreviated version coming soon in the mail.

It is difficult to find a place to begin when describing our deep gratitude for the unsurmountable care, hospitality and professionalism received from our experience at the Glen Cove Mansion. Adam, you were absolutely a pleasure from day one. We will never forget you and your patience and passion for your work did not go unnoticed. You made us feel comfortable and eased our wedding anxieties with each step, building a trust that allowed us to fully enjoy every minute of our big day. And that we did!!! You told us at the beginning that you just knew that we would get beautiful weather so I didn't worry.

How you made that happen, I will never know. :) Having Melissa as our maitre d' was awesome. She takes control with such kindness, grace and professionalism and I felt very at ease and relaxed knowing she was running the show behind the scenes. She listened to our every request, understood our vision and executed flawlessly. The Mansion is very lucky to have you two.

The Mansion itself was so incredibly beautiful and warm; traits that each guest seemed to feel as we were told so many times by our friends and family (and still do). It felt as though we were the only couple to have ever married there. It was just amazing. The staff was wonderful and the hotel and pub were so nice for our many out of town guests. They had a blast!

We will always have such beautiful memories of our wedding and are convinced that no other venue could have given us such an experience.

We will always maintain this gratitude and will recommend Glen Cove Mansion to anyone.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Jeremy and Kacey K.

Brooklyn Lab High School, January 21 - 23, 2011

Comments on the Sales Department - Very positive experience. The Dept of Ed is not easy to deal with, so many regulations, delays in payment, etc. Your team handled it wonderfully.

Comments on Conference Planning Service - Michele C helped us with a room change in the most professional manner. She is a pleasure to work with.

Comments on Meal Quality - Best Beef Stew and Mashed potatoes I ever had.

Principal's Training Retreat, January 20 - 21, 2011

Score 100.0%

Comments on the Sales Department - Gail is very easy to work with. She knows our program well. She follows-up often and is very easy to contact when you need her. She returns all emails and phone call in a timely manner.

Comments on Conference Planning Service - Keith makes our evnet seamless. He anticipates our needs and accommodates all our last minute requests with ease. He is easy to work with and very professional.

Comments on Banquet/F&B Manager - Excellent service.

Siegal Bat Mitzvah, January 22, 2011

Dear Johanne,

THANK YOU!!  We had a fabulous time, and I think you could see that Chelsea and her friends had an amazing time!!   I had many people tell me that it was the best Bar/Bat Mitzvah they've ever attended.  As you know, I put a lot of time and energy into creating many theme-oriented touches and organizing the party, but obviously, it's a collaborative effort.  So, thank you for helping to make the day such a success and for helping me to see my vision!!

Everyone thought the Mansion and the ballroom were gorgeous, and they loved the food - my husband and I thought the filet mignon and bananas foster cheesecake were delicious!!  I only regret not being able to try some of the appetizers at the cocktail hour and the potato cake with smoked salmon mousse at the dinner (which I heard was to die for)! 

Melissa and her waitstaff did a great job!  They were very friendly and helpful.  Our guests that joined us in the Pub after the party also enjoyed the Pub atmosphere.  My teenage son (who does not like parties) had been asking us to go home and was not happy that the evening was going to continue upstairs.  Yet, even he said that he was glad we went to the Pub because they enjoyed playing games upstairs.

So, thank you again for all your time and effort!  It was a wonderful day that we will remember forever!!

Stephanie & Jeff's Celebration, January 15, 2011

Comments on Catering Sales Manager - Adam Portnoff was a pleasure to deal with. He made my wife and I feel comfortable and confident that are party was going to be fantastic. Adam was right we are still getting rave reviews on the party and the mansion.

Overall Comments - We will definitely be back at the mansion for our next party. We will also take advantage of your facilities for a weekend getaway. Thank you all so much for an experiance that we will remember and cherish for a lifetime.

Cablevision Systems Corp., December 7 - 9, 2010

Comments on the Sales Department - Extremely responsive

Comments on Conference Planning Service - We had a few last minute changes and everything was accomodated in a timely fashion

Comments on Audio Visual Systems and Staff - The AV gentleman was extremely nice, helpful and fast!

Comments on Meeting Facilities - Usually I wind up lugging a projector, easels, writing pads, tape, scissors, highlighters, etc...any and all things that I can think of that we may need at an off-site meeting. Glen Cove Mansion is the ONLY place that we have been to that has already done the thinking for us! Your suitcase of office supplies is so incredibly thoughtful and appreciated to those of us who usually have to tote all of those items to and from!!! And the easels, projector, and screen ....Other places charge for that (not that I hope I'm giving you any ideas!) and it is all included in your phenominal price. And of course, the guest rooms are very accomodating and reasonably priced. These are the reasons we keep, and WILL keep, coming back to the Mansion.

Comments on Meal Quality - Exceeded expectations for Breakfast, lunch and breaks.

Comments on Meal and Break Services - Wonderful!

Overall Comments - Love, love, love the Mansion! Our only complaint from those who stayed in the guest rooms was that they didn't experience any paranormal activity!!! Otherwise, we will see you next year! Thank you for another successful meeting.

Mary Beth's Baby Shower, December 5, 2010

Comments on Catering Sales Manager - Joann is knowledgable in all aspects of catering and planning affairs. She is a delight to work with. She is a valuable asset to the Glen Cove Mansion.

Comments on Maitre'D/Banquet Manager - Melissa was extremely helpful, organized,and pleasant during the baby shower. Melissa is a valuable employee to the Mansion.

Comments on Catering Facilities - Monica was informative concerning selections of food and very pleasant to all the guests. Monica is a valuable employee to the Mansion.

Overall Comments - Mary Beth's baby shower was absolutely beautiful! It was truly enjoyed by everyone. I thank everyone involved for wonderful event. Best Wishes for a Happy Holiday Season.

Sincerely, Mary W.

FORWARD Leadership Conference, November 30 - December 6, 2010

Comments on the Sales Department - Gail was a pleasure to work with. She took the time to listen to our needs and chose the perfect space for the meeting.

Comments on Conference Planning Service - Keith was fantastic. He made sure that everything was absolutely perfect for our event. He went above and beyond by personally driving our participants to the train station. Everything he did was greatly appreciated! The attendees were our entire senior management team, including our CEO and everyone loved the hotel and the service.

Dade / Chartier Wedding, October 15 - 16, 2010

Overall Comments - I just want to say overall the Masion was wonderful!!! Everyone was so nice and easy to deal with. Adam and Joanne in the sales department are so wonderful and easy to deal with. I especially want to mention my bridal assistant Anna. She was the most wonderful person EVER. She helped me with everything and was so nice. What a hard working lady and it was so nice to have her with me for the wedding. Thanks you to everyone at the Mansion!!!! You guys are the best. We have gotten so many compliments about our wedding and everyone is saying what a great place it was and also how wonderful the food is. You guys made such an unforgettable days for us. Thank You. Cara and Paul Chartier

New York Staff Association Retreat, October 7 - 8, 2010

Overall Comments - We are already thinking of another retreat in the first quarter of 2011 and we are considering two nights instead of one. This was the perfect place to get away from the city.

Deadrick / Wright Wedding, October 8 - 10, 2010

Comments on Catering Sales Manager - .... Many, many people said it was the best wedding they had ever attended. We looked at many reception sites and met with other wedding planners, but we went with Glen Cove because of our initial meeting with Adam; we were all very impressed.

Comments on Maitre'D/Banquet Manager - It was like being a king and queen and having a personal assistant for every task!

Comments on Hotel Services - Most of the wedding guests were from out of town and stayed at GCM. They rave about the staff who handled everything from room change requests to providing Visine to one guest! Jay Zelkowitz booked our rooms and he was fantastic. He rapidly replied to all inquiries and should be renamed Mr. Efficiency. Our suites were spacious and very comfortable. The guest rooms were equally pleasing.

Comments on Catering Facilities - Perfect!

Comments on Meal Quality - Many people said it was the best food they ever had at a wedding. It was nice to meet the baker and the cake was out of this world!

Comments on value - Our guests ate at the Pub quite a bit and were very pleased with the food and excellent service.

Overall Comments - Our wedding was a ten plus out of ten! Everyone at Glen Cove Mansion was polite, friendly and helpful. I would be honored to recommend Adam and his staff to any prospective guests.

IAD Retreat, September 28 - October 1, 2010
Comments on the Sales Department - Lisa was wonderful to work with. All the necessary information was provided in a timely fashion and making arrangments was easy. It was a fantastic experience.
Comments on Conference Planning Service - Excellent attention to detail. All our requests were met immediately which allowed for a successful retreat for our participants.
Overall Comments - Excellent service and staff. Everyone curteous, helpful, and friendly. Our participants felt welcome and at home at your facility. Much thanks to everyone!

Chevel & Louis Vow Renewal, September 11, 2010

Comments on Catering Sales Manager - Adam was amazing and extremely professional. Loved everything about the experience.

Comments on Maitre'D/Banquet Manager - To sum it into one word: Awesome. Extreme perfection.

Comments on Hotel Services - Awesome once again.

Comments on Meal Quality - Chef Andy rocks!

Overall Comments - The Glen Cove Mansion made our dreams come true. Everything was perfect and would not have changed anything about it.

Kingsborough Community College, August 27 - 29, 2010

Comments on the Sales Department - Gail was awesome! VERY accommodating with our contract and very friendly.

Comments on Conference Planning Service - Michele Calabrese was absolutely fabulous. We had some last minute changes with our rooms but she was great at getting everything done. She was also very accommodating and great to work with.

Comments on Hotel Services - Hotel Services was wonderful. Check-in went quickly and they even had cookies for my group to munch on while they waited in line. I did not use the business center but it was great to know it was easily accessible if I needed something. We forgot batteries for on of our activities and HS was pomt at providing some for us. They were great after we checked out as well, storing our luggage in the front until our bus arrived.

Comments on Audio Visual Systems and Staff - The name of the gentleman who helped us escapes me now (I think is was Craig) was fantastic. He was helpful, very knowledgable, and always just a phone call away if we needed anything.

Overall Comments - The front desk staff was fabulous!!!

New York-MOC Meeting, August 17 - 19, 2010

Comments on the Sales Department - Gale Calemmo was very attentive and responsive to my questions, requests and planning needs.

Comments on Conference Planning Service - I couldn't have been more pleased with the perforamce of Keith Piro as my Conference Planning Manager. He was very helpful during the planning phase. He was patient, accommodating my revisions prior to arrival and during my meeting.

Comments on Banquet/F&B Manager - Melissa and staff were excellent. My group felt as though they were in a friends home. Keith and Melissa knew I wanted the reception and dinner space to look pretty and cozy...they exceeded my expectations.

Comments on Hotel Services - I had all positive feedback in regard to rooms, services and staff.

Comments on Audio Visual Systems and Staff - All requests were handled professionally and the set up was done according to plan.

Comments on Meal Quality - All positive feedback

Comments on Meal and Break Services - All positive feedback. The breaks were unique and the options were appreciated by the group.

Overall Comments - I was totally satisified with my experience at the Glen Cove Mansion and expect to return and will recommend your facility to others.

CableLabs, August 3 - 6, 2010

Overall Comments - Your people make the greatest difference - everyone I had contact with was wonderful, whether I simply passed them in a hallway or outside, or had direct contact with them.

Greystone Staffing Summer Outing, July 25, 2010

Comments on Catering Sales Manager - Adam truly goes above and beyond with the service he provides to our company.

Comments on Maitre'D/Banquet Manager - Hard working and extremly well knowledged and helpful during all our events. Would request over and over for all events at the Manor

Comments on Audio Visual Systems and Staff - Set up was absolutely perfect and amazing for this event. What a WOW factor

Comments on value - Would recommend and use the Manor for all future events and personal events. 

Pathology & Cell Biology Graduate Programs, July 18 - 20, 2010

THANK YOU so very much for all your help during our event. It was a real pleasure meeting you.  Everything went really smoothly, I couldn't expect better, and I had very positive feedbacks about your services from all our guests. 

You definitely know how to treat your guests and that makes a whole difference. The experience at the Mansion was definitely wonderful and I confirm that we will definitely be back to the Mansion for our next event.

I am back in my office this morning and I will make a point to talk to the different departments that have retreats either every year or every other year about the service you have provided us and most importantly, about your professionalism and kindness.

All your staff members were extremely kind and helpful. Great Job!! 

All my best,


10-times Pinnacle Award Winner: Successful Meetings
 7-times Paragon Award Winner: Corporate Meetings and Incentives

 6-times Planner's Choice Award Winner: Meeting News