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Glen Cove Mansion Massage Treatments Menu

Contact the Hotel Guest Services at 516-671-6400 to make an appointment

*Please call 24 hours in advance to reserve or cancel any massage treatment*

You must be an overnight hotel guest to reserve

Massages can be reserved from the day you check-in up to (and including) the day you check-out

Personal Massage
(please specify Swedish or Deep Tissue)

60-Minute: $150       90-Mintue: $225

Couple's Massage
(please specify Swedish or Deep Tissue)

60-Minute: $300       90-Minute $450


Personal Hot Stone Massage
Lie back as hot stones are incorporated into the body massage. The therapeutic heat will provide instant relief to any muscles that are tense, and create a flow of positive energy from head to toe.

60-Minute: $175       90-Minute: $250


Aromatherapy Massage
(please specify Swedish or Deep Tissue as well as aroma fragrance)

Aromatherapy uses essential oils extracted from flowers and herbs, to naturally enhance your well-being. You can choose from one of the following aromas:

Lavender- reduces inflammation, promotes restful sleep and calms the mind.

Rosemary Spearmint- Enlivens the body and mind while increasing circulation.

Tangerine and Bergamot- Improves mental focus, aids in appetite suppression and is great for all over relaxation.


Personal Aromatherapy-

60-Minute: $160   90-Minute: $235 


Couple’s Aromatherapy-

60-Minute: $320   90-Minute: $470 



Personal Mini-Massage Special (for groups of two or more only)
Let us help you to recharge your batteries with our mini-massage. This massage will not interfere with your plans or empty your wallet. We can renew your spirit by addressing all of your stressed areas and allow you to relax and feel whole again.

30-Minute: $85


It's My Special Massage
You just spent all day attending to the last minute details of your wedding. Now it is your turn to be pampered. Your special massage will melt away all of your tensions. There is no better way to spend your time during your stay at the hotel.

60-Minute: $150


All prices are subject to change without notice